Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas with Kennedee

Because I'm obsessed with her (understatement), have way too many photos to fit in tomorrow's 'Weekend Update' post and who doesn't like looking at a cute baby, here is a sampling of my Kennedee photos documenting her first Christmas. Christmas is great in and of itself but having a little one around made things SO much more fun this year. Can't wait for the years to come. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!
{cute family}

{in her new Restoration Hardware Baby hat, blanket & lamb}

{little drool never hurt nobody}

{her mini track suit} 
{the solid food introduction to her diet is going along swimmingly}
{wearing one of the many outfits I gave her for Christmas}

{her first fur coat compliments of yours truly}

{eating the toy Aunt Megan got her}

{showing off her new gold tutu}

{one last good one...}

{ get that god forsaken camera out of my face}


  1. obsessed. (with the fur coat of course).

  2. OMG she is the cutest! Love all the oufits. Good work with the fur!


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