Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Update - 12/10/2012

{re-using the DIY 'Cheers' sign from last years party}
My I sorry for the much-longer-than-anticipated interruption (Mary Jo). Work, holiday parties, guests in town have all consumed my life as we round out the rest of 2013.  This weekend I had a group of friends visiting from Illinois so started with my 2nd Annual Christmas party Friday night, Saturday wandered around Brooklyn and Sunday brunch in the West Village. Now another busy week with a day trip to Charlotte tomorrow and off to Miami Thursday for a wedding. Hope you all had a great weekend!
{much more fun using Christmas lights instead of regular lights} 
{Christmas lights reflecting off the gallery wall I'm finally near finishing}

{sheepskin rugs and a tutu to add texture around my room}

{hats & scarves adorning the walls so as not to take up any additional space}

{my midget tree that fits nicely inside the built in book cases and thus doesn't take up any other space}

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