Monday, January 14, 2013

Exchange Alley

So, I tried to spare all my instagram followers from posting a pic of every food dish on the menu at Exchange Alley this weekend...but is my new favorite restaurant in all of New York (bold statement, yes) so figured it was worthy of its own post. We had a group of 8 people so tried literally every last thing on the menu...all excellent. I managed to snap photos of most things and have what it is in the caption below. Definitely going back because not only was the food to die for, the wait staff was among the nicest I've ever met in my life (read: free champagne, appetizers and every dessert on the menu). Amazing.
{free champagne to start}
{followed by complimentary jambalaya balls w/ dirty gravy} 
{my favorite thing on the menu: spaghetti squash carbonara topped with a crispy poached egg & thick chunks of bacon}

{crispy beef cheeks, leeks, horseradish whipped farmers cheese}

{sea salt cod on a bed of almond/potato purée and olives topped with lemon rings}
{braciola with creamy semolina and beef pork marinara - amazing} 
{hard herb hanger steak cooked on the wood planked it's served on and (the most amazing) cauliflower au gratin}

{(humongous) chocolate cake}
{salty caramel tart w/ roasted of the desserts}

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