Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend Update - 1/28/2013

{peanut butter hot chocolate at chocolate bar}
You didn't honestly think I'd go a whole weekend without showing you everything I stuffed in my fat face did you? A Sunday movie marathon (Zero Dark Thirty and Silver Linings Playbook this weekend) just got in the way of getting my stuff together. I unanimously decided that all New Years Resolutions go out the window when it's below 20° (not that I ever really set any to begin with), therefore, I ate out a lot this weekend. Saturday started with brunch at La Bonbonniere with peanut butter hot chocolate for dessert at chocolate bar and ended at Pure Food & Wine for dinner. Sunday brunch was at Buvette...go to brunch at Buvette. It quickly jumped to the top of my list (tied with Recette). See photo round-up below.
{Saturday brunch of cheesy grits, poached eggs, avacado toast & bacon at La Bonbonniere - no Sarah Jessica Parker this go round unfortunately}

{king oyster mushroom scallops with brussels sprouts, miso glazed pecans, shaved radish and a shiitake broth}
{pear ravioli with smoked long pepper mouse, preserved lemon, maché, truffle honey, almonds and shaved burgundy truffle}

{zucchini and local green house tomato lasagna with basil pesto, sun dried tomato marinara and macadamia pumpkin seed ricotta}

{Sunday brunch at Buvette - if you live in New York...just do it}
{homemade country paté with caper berries - best I've ever had}
{belgian waffle breakfast sammie with proscuitto, sunny side up egg and cheese with maple syrup}

{steamed organic eggs, smoke salmon, creme fraiche & caper berries}

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