Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Eve Attire

Anthropologie Necklace | Forever 21 Tee (similar here) & Pants | All Saints Coat | Zara Booties | J. Crew Infinity Scarf

I wanted to title this post 'What-to-Wear-to-Christmas-at-a-Trailer Park' but seemed a little long. This is indeed what I wore to a family a trailer park (you can pick your friends...). In my Grandma's defense, it's not your run of the mill park with people adorned in tweety bird and/or tazmanian devil tees way too big for their (already large) bodies...but a little subdivision full of elderly people that have lost their teeth due to age instead of tabacee (and crack).

I digress.

I did manage to find this little space between double-wides to take a few pics of what I wore to the family dinner and Christmas Eve service later that night. Since I began packing at 3:00 am before catching a cab at 5:00 am for my flight home, I managed to not bring anything festive (outside this shirt posted yesterday). Therefore I paired a simple gray crew-neck tee with this sparkly necklace for a festive look. There are certain things I refuse to spend a significant chunk of change on until I drop some tonnage...white pants being one of them (along with bathing suits). These Forever 21 ones are surprisingly nice for the $22.80 price tag (photographed here after an hour+ car ride stuffed in the back of my parents car) and actually really comfortable.


  1. and tabacee and crack. lol. omg. my grandmother ALSO lived in a trailer park so we're even. and this outfit is amazing.

  2. I love this entire outfit, especially that coat! I've been looking for something like it recently and I am so jealous of your All Saint's one!

    The Weekend Diary

  3. Beautiful, love how the necklace makes the top so elegant.

  4. you win for best dressed at the trailer park :)

    love the colors

  5. I tried to comment on this quite some time ago but it didn't work. I LOVE that necklace. Might be doing a little online shopping later! :)


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