Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Update - 1/21/2013

{shells on shelter island} 
The long MLK weekend was a perfect excuse to get out to the Hampton's for the first time since last summer. Time was killed doing what I do best: sleeping, eating, watching movies...actually I'm not that good at that because the first thing typically gets in the way of the last. Did go to the theaters to see Django Unchained and shockingly stayed awake for the entire 180 minutes...could have been because someone was getting blown up every five seconds. Good movie though and worth seeing. Hope you all had a great weekend and an even better (shortened) week!
{creamed spinach & eggs for brunch}
{Saturday night feast: a 12-hour smoked texas style brisket, carolina cole slaw, skillet mac & cheese, mashed taters w/ thick cut bacon and corn bread}
{my friend Jenn's chili for Sunday football}

{cozied by the fire}

{Sunday morning walk on the beach in Southampton}


  1. I must say the photographs of what you eat each weekend have me drooling over my keyboard every single time. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! xo

  2. i feel like you forgot a couple photos


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