Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Bites

A friend had a small gathering before we all went out Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. I had been running around all day so needed a quick appetizer to whip together and these pretzel bites fit the bill. Not only are they really easy to make but extremely addicting. I had to box my Dad out the whole time I was taking these photos, hence the very large Shrek hand in the last pic, as he popped one after another into his mouth.  I used this recipe and adapted it slightly by using Pillsbury dinner rolls and adding cinnamon sugar. Definitely plan on making them again for the holidays...unless I get a craving sooner. 

{Ogres love pretzel bites}


  1. i hope one day more than just jays hand makes it on the blog.

    these look yummy

  2. i could eat these right now for breakfast. i'd say they're part of the whole grains group and therefore they're healthy.

  3. Pretty soon you are going to need to give me cooking lessons. :)


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