Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions

Now that we're three days in, I guess it's high time I start thinking of some Resolutions. Mine are usually the generic get organized, get healthy, etc. but this year I made a list of different things I can do to help me achieve each of these. Additionally, every month I'm going to try something new for 30 days (i.e. January - Photography Class, February - Bikram Yoga and so on including re-learning French, enrolling in a sewing class, taking field trips to new areas of NYC, field trips to areas outside the city, quit shopping for a month...ok, that's a stretch). Sure, most of these wont stick the whole year but gotta set your goals high and hopefully documenting them in this post will keep me on track. What are some of your Resolutions??
Get Organized:
1) Don't go to sleep or walk out the door with a messy apartment
2) Pick a different area of my apartment every week to clean organize (example here)
3) Stop buying clothes I'm not 100% sold on to limit returns
4) Line up 3-4 blog posts on the weekends 
5) Update Facebook page / Pinterest every Sunday
Make Better Use of Time:
1) Limit Pinterest / Facebooking to 30 min. per day
2) Better email management by answering only emails that will take < 2 min, otherwise finish task at hand
3) Layout clothes for week on Sundays
4) Have purse and bag for work packed the night before
5) Only hitting the snooze button once
Be More Positive:
1) Limit cursing
2) Do something nice and/or give a compliment to a stranger every day
3) Call a different family member or friend I haven't spoken with in a while once a week
4) Being thankful for (at least) one thing per day (this blog provides some good inspiration)
5) Limit time spent with negative people
Get Healthy:
1) Work out for 45 minutes 3x per week.
2) Bring lunch to work 2x per week
3) Drink tea instead of coffee
4) Floss every night
5) Eat dinner before 10:00 & get to bed by midnight 
Think Outside the Box:
1) Have lunch away from desk (with a friend or fiction book) once a week
2) Take a 15-30 min afternoon coffee break once a week
3) Take photography and sewing classes this year
4) Join one TBD volunteer group
5) Find time to take advantage of free online classes here

{photos via pinterest}


  1. This is brilliant! I love that you've broken down your goals and the pictures to go with them! Good luck for a happy and successful 2012!

  2. This post is awesome! Cute presentation and it has inspired me to really think about my resolutions also. Will definitely come back to this one often. Really nice! =0)


  3. 2011 is going to be a very organized, healthy, positive and productive year for you if you hold to it!!

  4. i LOVE these! and the photo's that match :)
    my fave is Be Positive! great blog.

    xo, vanessa (the gal)

    (ps: I'd love to follow each other, if you're in!)

  5. These are amazing! I have been wanting to re-learn French as well and the site you linked to is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing!


  6. Great blog and pics.
    Kisses from New York:)


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