Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Update - 1/9/2012

Happy Monday....How was your weekend? I don't think God could have given us better January weather if he tried. Ok, he's God...he can do anything...but a little reverse psychology can't hurt. Friday was yet another long night at work before a birthday party and late night dinner at Ippudo. The weather was absolutely perfect on Saturday so started with a morning jog across the Williamsburg bridge to get amped up for a long day of bargain buying (still a lot online at Zara...get it while the gettin's good). That night was another birthday celebration and then long walk around Bryant Park sans coat & tights, might I add. I added it up and I spent a total of 4.5 hours yesterday either waiting outside, walking between or eating at restaurants with coffee at Tea & Sympathy, brunch at Monument Lane and sushi dinner at favorite kind of day.   

But it's a new day. A very special day, in fact, as it is that of a very special photographers birthday. Happy Birthday to my love, Mr. Miller. xoxo


  1. Ah, Ramen, sushi, and running all speak to my heart! Loving the Instagram pics! -Jessica

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend :) Instagram collages speak for themselves!



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