Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Update - 1/23/2012

{the first snowfall of the year}

Oh, Monday. You're always sneaking up on me. This weekend was go, go, go with a group dinner Friday at Yerba Buena Perry [croquetts, tilapia tacos, watermelon fries, banana dulce de leche sundae... to die for], brunch at Flea Market Cafe [classic brunch menu, very well priced and free drink, coffee & oj w/ every order plus the waiter let me buy one of antiques off the wall], birthday party at MercBar [large room in the back that can be reserved for birthday parties; loved the decor] and an accidental Sunday shopping trip. Now back to the grind. How was your weekend?

{a lazy Saturday morning}

{carmelized apple pancakes at Flea Market Cafe}
{vintage suitcases & a bunch of other antiques}

{the bust that I talked the waiter into selling to me for $20}

{shopping bans get lifted for metallic pleated skirts}


  1. you would talk something off the wall at a restaurant. love the snow pic! your getting goooood

  2. Loved the metalic pleated skirt! Lovely blog, it´s my first time visiting!


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