Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Downtown from Behind

I can't remember how I came across {downtown from behind} but I'm absolutely in love with these photos. I can almost feel summer just by looking at them. The majority are shot right around where I live as well. The last photo is less than a block from my place. I may or may not be on a first name basis with the guys that work at the Falafel/Shwarma joint and they may or may not give me free pita bread and extra hummus with each visit.


  1. i love these shots - the flower one is my favorite! can't wait to see you pedaling around nyc from behind one day.

  2. ahhh you love falafel and shwarma??? i live in israel and cant get enough! ....its just not the same in the states though....


  3. I do! My boyfriend is Israeli (as seen in the post 'Second First Date' =)) and he approves but definitely not the same! I'm hoping to make it to Israel and might even this summer for a wedding! We'll see!



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