Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Update - 4/24/2011

The majority of the weekend was spent fixing up my apartment for a couple guests I will be hosting this week. There were so many little projects I've been meaning to complete but with the bf working every weekend, these have been continually pushed off for the last five months.  Luckily his brother doubles as one of the handiest men I've met to date, so he took care of all of these and then some in a couple hours. Unfortunately all of this home improvement left little time for shopping so I snapped a couple pics of Pinky Otto and Anthropologie's window displays as I passed by. I resisted the temptation to go in because I'm sure I will be doing pllleenntttyy of purchasing with mother and sister's arrival on Tuesday, marking their first trip to the Big Apple.  Can hardly contain my excitement. Hope you all had a great weekend and a Happy Easter. 


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  1. angie and amy in the big city! can't wait to hear about it :)


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