Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Update - 4/4/2011

A nice little weekend filled with food and farmers & flea market trips:  

{homemade cupcakes, crêpes & steaks}
{fragrant flowers, fresh fruit & merino sheep's wool at the farmers market}

 {pretty pillows, a fashion icon & vintage typewriters at Brooklyn Flea}

A beautiful weekend breezed by much to quickly as always. I took full advantage of the weather at the Farmers Market and Brooklyn Flea Saturday. The 'fashion icon' as referenced above is Project Runway Season 8 winner, Gretchen Jones -- a personal fave of mine. If you think this pic is creepy, you should have seen me stalking her booth-to-booth to take it. In my defense, I really do want to replicate her leopard headband so photo documentation was necessary. Hopefully someday I will grow out of such antics but I don't foresee that happening any time in the near future.



  1. love your pics. next time please do not lose out on your big break.

  2. haha...stop REMINDING me, Aud!


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