Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday Best

Shirt- Polo
Dress (worn as skirt) and bracelet - H&M
Oxfords, purse, Chief Illini ring - Forever 21
Headband worn as bracelet - Xmas gift
Nails - American Apparel 'Butter'
Watch - Burberry
Jacket - Express
Belt - Zara

I wore this outfit to brunch with a friend in town on Sunday. I purchased this lace dress on clearance after Thanksgiving with the intention of 'losing five pounds' because it was a bit too snug up top. While I wait for those 5 lbs to magically fall off, I improvised by turning the dress around and wearing it as a skirt. This striped Polo shirt and my favorite oxfords offset the lace to complete this day look. I alternated between jacket on, jacket off throughout the day as Mr. Sunshine came and went.
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  1. 1 - that second pic is my fav because i can tell your yelling something at adam
    2 - so happy you are on bloglovin
    3 - LOVE this outfit.

  2. i am in love with this outfit! love the color combination. and of course, how you turned a dress into a skirt -- creative.


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