Thursday, October 4, 2012

Paris in Polka Dots

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After Beaune, we headed north to Pa'riii. Ahh, the nostalgia taking over me just writing this. Like Beaune, we had the great fortune of staying with locals in Paris as well, which I must the way to go if at all possible in my (limited) experience traveling in Europe. My boyfriend's Aunt / cousin that hosted us happened to live in quite possibly my favorite neighborhood in the City: the Marais. Think up and coming, cute restaurants and vintage shops a la Brooklyn (for the New Yorkers), Bucktown (Chicagoans) or Haight & Ashbury (San Franciscans).

We woke up early to a traditional French breakfast of fresh croissants and chestnut jam (if anyone can tell me where to buy this in the U.S. I will name my first born after you) before stopping by the Marché Popincourt or farmers market (complete guide to food markets in Paris by arrondissement here). We then capitalized on the City's unbelievably convenient and user-friendly bikesharing program or 'Vélib,' which is free for the first 30 minutes*, to get down to the Louvre. Since I spent a day at the museum on my trip to Paris in college, we parted ways and I went shopping in St. Michele and St. Germain before meeting for a late (and great) lunch at L'Avant Comptoir (great reviews here and here as well).
* Unlimited half hour trips can be taken or pay 1.70/day...a great way to get around this bike-friendly city

{traditional french breakfast of orange juice, espresso...

{...baguette, croissant and chestnut jam}

{Marché Popincourt}

{the city's free bikesharing program, Vélib'}
{Palais Royale}
{Le Louvre}

{an artiste in action along the Seine}
{lunch at L'Avant Comptoir in St. Germain}


  1. Beautiful photos! Make me want to Pariiiii right this minute :) And chestnut jam? Oh my gosh, that sounds DELISH!: )

  2. Beautiful! And I'm delighted to know you will be naming your daughter or son (first born) Jennifer. So so sweet!

  3. Ok so they definitely sell that Jam in the US! I'd check specialty, small neighborhood groceries. That jam, which i adore in strawberry, is definitely sold at the high-end markets here in Austin


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